The best music films and documentaries of 2017

Friday 1st December 2017

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“Writing about music”, some wise guy once famously quipped, “is like dancing about architecture”. Alas, what a sound and fury us music journos must then frolic and gamble ourselves into when we decide to write about music films… Come to think of it, even music films themselves often prove to be pretty bootless endeavours – from biopics to non-fictionals, musicals and even soundtracks, there’s way more examples of those talkies and flicks that stumbled by the wayside than those that tripped the light fantastic.

But on the other hand, there have been some great music films and documentaries to sing and dance about in 2017, some of which you’ve probably seen, some of which you definitely haven’t. So in no particular order, henceforth is my pick of the year’s best…

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