Cosima Visual Mixtape Review – South Of Heaven

Friday 16th December 2016


Cosima – a feminine form of the name Cosimo, derived from the Greek word meaning “order, decency”. Throughout South Of Heaven, her visual mixtape released just this week, sexuality is a permeating theme of Cosima’s lyrical and visual dialogue, and she expresses as much a desire for spiritual harmony, for the order and decency of her namesake, as she does for the helpless, wild attraction of the body. In the end, as we all know, the two are inseparable.

The mixtape features the emerging singer’s first three releases, “Girls Who Get Ready”, “Hymns For Him” and “Had To Feel Something”, as well as alternative bedroom mixes and four brand new songs. Cosima describes how “A few weeks ago I was going through the footage for the “Hymns For Him” video before it went to edit, when it struck me that I have all this beautiful footage, but can only ever use about three minutes of it. I couldn’t leave it on the cutting room floor so I decided to create a visual mixtape with old and new footage”. This patchwork of tapes is effective because similar themes interweave the songs throughout – with songs such as “Hymns For Him”, “South Of Heaven” and “Supernova”, imagery of religion and the sacred are ever present, but they are constantly balanced by lust, by romantic and physical doubt and the desire to regain control.

I sing hymns for him
Hymns for him
But He’ll never hear

In the booth
I confess
I feel more than lust
Its too late though
I’m turning doubts to truths

Ideas about being a woman pervade this very modern artistic work, and I have to say Cosima seems to approach these ideas with far more honesty and visceral truth than many of her more excessively popular contemporaries have this year. The single black and white image of PJ Harvey posted on her website may at first seem anomalous from a musical perspective, but in retrospect this is a very telling indicator of the singer and lyricist’s deeper concerns.

Cosima this week announced a new London headline show, at Peckham Liberal Club for 2 February 2017, and tickets are on sale now.

Thankyou for reading, you can see my review published on Gigwise via the link above.


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