The Molochs Single Review – “You And Me”

Wednesday 14th December 2016


Nostalgia, if you hadn’t realised, is very fashionable right now. As we approach yet another crepuscular period in the popularity of guitar based music, a recent stream of bands seem to be turning to the more hallowed past of six string rock for their inspiration, it being more inviting perhaps than facing the impending darkness of its twilight. Not so much “In Search Of Lost Time”, but in search of a time they have only seen chronicled in the history books and saturated footage of a period when rock bands ruled the world.

“You And Me”, the new single from The Molochs, – and as if I needed to illustrate my point, they’re named after a character from a Ginsberg poem – recalls the jangly Rickenbacker melodies of The Byrds, the dry romance of The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan. In particular the underlying neo-noir, Lou Reedian darkness to the lyrics rewards repeated listens.

The video is also a masterful piece of nostalgia, and like the song it seems more like it’s been unearthed from the dusty, holy grounds of Woodstock than it’s been made today in the 21st century. Director Laura Lynn Petrick, who has previously worked with Mac Demarco, uses shaky, effervescent Super 8 footage to capture a wistful piece that seems vaguely to recall 1953 Hitchcockian thriller, Niagara. The willowy, sunshine-haired muse of the piece casts coy, fluttering glances at the camera to feign intimacy with the viewer, this virtual promiscuity perhaps a parallel to the girl with “wandering eyes” the singer says he’s dreaming of.

“You And Me” is much stronger than The Moloch’s previous single “No More Cryin’”, if only for being a pastiche of a more varied and interesting conglomerate of 60s musicians. It’s actually quite beautiful – like a particularly sugary “madeleine”, if you will – but overall you can’t help but feel that it lacks that urgency with the now that lends the great pop songs excitement and longevity.

Thankyou for reading, you can see my review published on Gigwise via the link above.


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