The Orielles Live Review, DM’s Boot Room, Camden

30th June 2017

Photo: Press

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes – a guitar band is playing a gig in the back of a shoe store in Camden. Is someone, somewhere, trying to exhume the tired corpse of an old music scene? No, curb your cynicism – ‘cos the guitar band is called The Orielles, and they’re one of the best new groups to emerge from England’s dreaming this year.

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Touts and the enduring spirit of Northern Irish punk

Monday 3rd April 2017

An interview with the up and coming young punk band from Londonderry

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They hail themselves as, “A singer that can’t sing, a mod that can’t play bass and a drummer that can’t see.” But what this three-piece from Derry can do is knock out a punk record with a furiously contemporary political bite, and a sound that could have been transported straight from the hallowed arena of The Casbah.

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Neon Waltz Live Review, Omeara, London Bridge

Sunday 26th February 2017

neon_waltz_750_1234Photos: Agnieszka Kocinska

You might be excused for thinking that London’s railways have changed a lot since Paul Weller immortalised the capital’s “Cold and uninviting, partially naked” tube stations in 1978. For after leaving the refurbished and repolished London Bridge terminus, around the corner you might just find a new music venue tucked into a hole in the wall beneath the railway line.

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Bonobo Album Review, “Migration”

Friday 13th January 2017

6/10 stars

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‘Migration’, if it implies the intention of settling permanently in the destination of your travels, would hardly be the right word to caption Simon Green aka Bonobo’s eclectic, restless career as an electronic musician. His albums and live shows up till now have been a nomadic spree across continents as well as genres, and he has performed in as many countries and concert environments as you could name off the top of your head.

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